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What is APCC?

  • The Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in FUKUOKA was founded by the Fukuoka Junior Chamber and was part of the 1989 Asian-Pacific Exposition, an event to celebrate Fukuoka City’s 100th anniversary

  • The APCC is a civic movement which is funded by local governments as well as supported by donations from corporate sponsors and the APCC Supporters’ Association

  • Historically, Fukuoka has been a contact point for cultural exchange between Japan and other countries in Asia.  The APCC is a continuation of this tradition as we head towards a digital age of international communication

  • By holding the APCC, we hope to foster “Global Citizens”, who are able to think of the world beyond national boundaries and desire world “Peace and Co-existence”

  • In the hope of making the dream come true, children who will shape the world in the 21st century gather together in Fukuoka and gain mutual understanding of different cultures and traditions through homestay and cultural exchange

  • APCC is currently known as the biggest international event for children in not only Japan, but the world, and is conducted under the cooperation of local and international citizens, government and business institutes

  • APCC is no longer just a cultural exchange event, but a proven project that has supported children into becoming “Global Citizens”

What are the Aims & Objectives of APCC?

  1. To help children from countries and regions in Asia and the pacific  learn more about each other’s countries, regions and culture through exchange

  2. To promote mutual understanding between the Asia Pacific regions and countries

  3. To nurture an international perspective in youth and foster a supportive environment

What is the Slogan of APCC?

"We are the BRIDGE: We connect dreams around the world"

BRIDGE Kids Programs


BRIDGE Summer Camp is a program implemented every summer, where over 200 eleven-year-old children from around the globe are invited

The participants in this program take part in various interactions, such as sleeping and eating together under the same roof with hundreds of foreign friends, experiencing Japanese school life, and learning the Japanese way of life at a homestay, in a dynamic intercultural environment that turns all of Fukuoka into one big campsite!


Through the BRIDGE Challenge Trip, children from Fukuoka are dispatched across the world during Japanese spring and summer vacation. The children take on challenges in intercultural communication while experiencing the local lifestyle first-hand.

We Are The Bridge.mp3APCC Theme Song
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This year, the APCC BRIDGE Summer Camp will be held from 12 to 25 Jul 2020 during the Japanese summer.  The all-expenses covered programme includes round-trip airfare (including tax), insurance, transportation and accommodation in Japan, and meals during the entire stay in Fukuoka.  The selection of the children (through the interview) will be conducted by the liaison office (undertaken by JCS), who will also follow up with all necessary administrative details and submissions of all documentations.  The selected JAs will have to pay a token sum of US$150 to cover the registration fees payable to APCC and other expenses (which is heavily subsidised by JCS, Singapore)

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Created by David Chow (APCC Singapore Liaison Office)